Future Monodzukuri International EXPO 2024

Exhibit Category

Manufacturing Core Technology

Metal machine tool, Metal forming machine, Machine accessory, Numerical control unit, Sensor, Inspection / Measurement, Material / Electronic material, Various tools, etc.

  • Microfabrication Zone

    Microfabrication Zone

    For Microfabrication technology, Processing machines, Tools, tec.

  • Small-lot Production / Prototype Plaza

    Small-lot Production / Prototype Plaza

    For companies specializing in small-lot production and prototype processing.

Robot / Robot Related

Industrial robot, Service robot, Robot Sler (Robot System Integrator), Robot simulation & Vision systems, Transfer robot, AGV, etc.

  • Robot Related Technology

Advanced Technology

DX(Digital transformation), IoT(Internet of Things), AI, Metaverse, Drone, etc.

  • Smart Mobility Zone

    Smart Mobility Zone

    For mobility utilizing advanced technology, AI, tec.

  • Human Resource Development Zone

    Human Resource Development Zone

    For human resource development services and products utilizing IT, AI, etc.

Water Technology / Fine Bubble /
Environmental Technology

Fine Bubble, Water related technology, Green infrastructure, Carbon neutral, Environmental purification technology, etc.

  • GX(Green Transformation) Zone

    GX(Green Transformation) Zone

    For products and services utilizing clean energy with low environmental impact.

  • GX(Green Transformation) Zone

Factory Construction / Factory Disaster Prevention

Technology and systems related to factory construction, energy-saving systems in factories, security, preventive maintenance, BCP, in factory maintenance, disaster prevention and mitigation systems, etc.

  • Factory Construction / Factory Disaster Prevention
  • Factory Construction / Factory Disaster Prevention


Technologies and products in various industrial fields (manufacturing and construction / civil engineering and machinery / electricity, environment, and daily life) for making people and society Well-being “happy, safe, healthy, convenient, and resilient”.

  • Well-being
  • Well-being Tech


Booth Rental Fee 1 booth (Width 2.97m×Depth 2.97m×Height 2.7m : Approx. 9㎡)

Special price for companies and organizations participating in TEAM EXPO 2025 programme
JPY 308,000(Tax included)

General price
JPY 352,000(Tax included)

All exhibitors will be provided with an online contents page! All exhibitors will be provided with an online contents page!

Basic booth
  • Inline Booth(s)
  • Inline Booth(s)
  • Peninsula Booths
  • Island Booths

※There are no power supplies, lights, carpets, etc. provided in any of the booths.
※For corner booths, there will be no aisle partitions.
※As a general rule, the rear wall cannot be removed, regardless of whether there is an adjacent booth or not.

【Option】Package Display

1Booth Spec.…Booth Rental Fee + JPY 99,000 (Tax Included)

Simplify display and decoration by applying for Package Display.
For other plans, details, and application procedures, please contact the secretariat.

*Package Display for 2 or more booths are also available.
*If your electricity usage exceeds 1kW, application for additional electrical work will be necessary.

Package Display


Providing an exhibition booth

In addition to basic information, images, videos, and detailed information about your products and services can be posted in your online exhibition booth. Please untilize the online exhibition booth as a tool to attract visitors to your onsite booth and for follow-up after the onsite exhibition. Some functions are available as paid options.

※Some features are paid options

Providing an exhibition booth

Optional Paid Menus (planned)

※How to apply for the optional menu will be announced in late August

Exhibitor Seminar

Fee…1 Session/40min. JPY 110,000 (Tax Included)

Only exhibitors will be provided with an opportunity to freely plan various methods to enhance the effectiveness of their exhibits. Please utilize these to explain and present detailed information on new products, technologies, services, introduction environments, and successful case studies that are difficult to express in the exhibition. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
★Information on attendees (business card information) will be provided in data format later!

Exhibitor Seminar Exhibitor Seminar



Promotion and Advertising (Planned)

Aim to attract users through paper coverage and continuous visit promotion linked to digital media.

In addition to introducing exhibitors' technologies in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun newspaper, we will cover the latest trends and disseminate information.
Additionally, by holding events in conjunction with the paper, we promote our newsletter to subscribers from all industries.



The exhibition will be announced in the Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun, a general industrial newspaper, to attract visitors. The newspaper will profile exhibitors and provide the latest information to attract potential end users to the exhibition.

Utilization of digital media

Utilization of digital media

Disseminate information through the “The Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun Electronic Edition” and “Newswitch” , which disseminates the news and original contents of The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun in a fresher and more friendly manner and will approach people other than newspaper subscribers.

Invitation Flyer / DM, E-mail

Invitation Flyer / DM, E-mail

Based on the original DM list held by The Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun and related organizations, we will send invitations and emails to related companies and organizations in Japan and overseas, In addition, we will provide exhibitors with invitations free of charge to support the mobilization of visitors.

Digital Signage / Web Advertising

Digital Signage / Web Advertising

Digital signage advertising in Osaka’s business area and web banner advertisements on Google and other sites will promote this event.


PR cooperation with Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan

As a TEAM EXPO 2025 programme / Co-creation partner, this exhibition will be publicized on the official website of TEAM EXPO 2025.


Please be sure to read the exhibition regulations below before applying.

How to apply for exhibition

Please be sure to read the “Exhibition Rules and Regulations” and apply only after agreeing to the regulations .Fill in the application form and send it to the secretariat by E-mail. Kindly note that application may not be accepted if the products and services are not appropriate for the exhibition.

Change or Cancellation of Exhibit Contracts

If you change / cancel booths that have already been applied for, you need to specify the reason in writing and get approval from the secretariat. The following cancellation fee will be applied.